Minutes for 5/10/16
Those in attendance were Adrianne Howson, Kristine Konsulis, Megan Olson, Carrie Poe, Sara Swan, Valerie Bailey, Tiffany Burns.  General membership were Rob Ours, Karen Beckett, Erin Harmeyer, Julie McCleese. 

Meeting began at 7:21pm. 

Sara motioned to approve minutes, Tiffany seconded the motion.  All approved. 

Tiffany wants all receipts in by end of May.  PTA Awards and Eagle Dads were added as a new category.  Eagle Dads and Color Run money will be given to them to spend.  Color Run money will move forward to Greenhouse category.  BESt Mom money spent on breakfast.  PTA involvement money spent on Kindergarten registration.  Will look next year at combining BESt Mom and Parent Involvement.  Made $3417 from cups and will go toward playground as well as Boosterthon profits.  About $130 will be returned from Kiln for a piece not used. 

Sara from SBDM.  School will start earlier at 8:40-45 because district is wanting Rosetta Stone used and will allow for more time to use it.  Door openings will possibly be changed as well.  End of day time will stay the same. 

Carrie Poe - yearbook.   Sales due 5/18.  Proofs going to teachers next week to approve their classes.  Want pictures ASAP.  Wanting more pictures from 3-5th grade. 

5th grade picnic - Wanting to cut down on the amount spent from last year.  Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken appetizers are ideas of what to feed them.  Grill hot dogs and do chicken as a second choice.  Get a grill from Parks Dept. Pizza as a back up if can't get grill.   Use drinks left from carnival.    

Pancake Breakfast and Garage Sale - Rob Ours - June 11 - Eagle Dads have pancake breakfast for volunteers and those who want to attend.  People will rent a parking spot or more to sell their own things.  $10 per spot + $5 for any additional spots.  Everyone sells their own things and keeps their own profits.  Maybe do a character breakfast.  Need to get approval to use the cafeteria.  Want to see what costs will be.  Charge people other than volunteers to eat.  Breakfast from 7:00am-9:00am.  Sale goes from 8:00am-2:00pm.  Maybe bring a food truck for lunchtime.  Will get cost estimates.  Can use money from Parent Involvement.    Advertise through paper and online media. 

PTA Self-esteem nominees -  Mrs. Strausbaugh chose self esteem winners from the students at BES and sent onto 14th district.  Want to do a small award for about 13 students who wrote essays at the EOY assembly.  Maybe get a trophy or something of the sort. 

PTA Convention - anyone wanting to go? 

2016-17 positions
Jenny Pabst - special programs
Kristina King - CinFed and Academic Awards
Dale McCleese - Eagle Dads
Sara Swan and Kelly McCoy- Hospitality
Anna Merlo - communications
Carrie Poe - Reflections/Yearbook
Sara Swan - Secretary
?  - Membership and PTA Awards
Stacy McConnell - Volunteers
Kristine Konsulis- President
Tiffany Burns-Treasurer
Megan Olson - Box Tops
Kelly McCoy - Labels for Education
Adrianne Howson - Spiritwear

The next meeting will be June 22 at 9:00am. 

Megan will collect Box Tops and turn in to keep June expirations from expiring.  Have people collect Box Tops over summer and get in drawing for $25 Gift Card.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00am.